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March 17, 2005

The one way to fight all disease is to have a healthy immune system

There seems to be a lot of herb bashing lately. I got a rash of emails from people saying, are “Chinese herbs safe’ or “aren’t all herbs from China filled with DDT?” Another wrote, “Aren’t all herbs from China filled with heavy metals?” First of all, let me briefly explain that Dr. Chang’s formulas are of the highest quality and are organically grown. China has not mechanized its farming, that is, the field workers use the same methods as they did for thousands of years. They do not have tractors everything is done by hand. It is much easier to find pure fields in China then it is in the U.S.A., where they have always uses pesticides and chemicals. We have been so conditioned by the media that we don’t think. In addition “Dr. Chang’s herbal formulas” have been imported to the USA for 40 years without a problem. The big guns in Washington - the drug corporations – are purposely creating trepidation in order to get the public to fear holistic methods as untested. Anything that may take away from the drug corporations profit must then be evil, even if it is better for the body and mind. The corporations are saying, “We need to protect our citizens from plants.” The Harvard Medical research and the American Cancer institute has determined that ¾ of all cancers are caused by diet and life style. Yet the only new drug is a new Chemo for cancer and the killing of the body goes on. I find it incredible that they has not been attempted to look into other forms of treatment. The amount of money invested in chemo has done nothing to bring about the people getting healthy after having these cancer treatments if you look at the statistics. If you did nothing you would have a better cure rate. In the end there is only one way to fight all disease it is to have a healthy immune system. This has to be worked on every day. I find Dr. Chang’s The Tao of Balanced Diet: Secrets of a Thin and Healthy Body to be a great start and then add the herbal formulas as needed.

Posted by james at 3:09 PM