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April 29, 2005

Allergy alert

This is allergy time. It is the time of the year for many to find the environment to be an constant annoyance, whether it is mold, pollen, pollution, for me in my are area where there is are a lot of pine trees, the pollen seems to come like smoke. The formulas that are most useful for the spring time are AD Travel Tea 101 and AD Resistant Tea 102. They work to open up the sinus and as with AD 109 Breathing Tea to open up and strengthen the lungs. If there is a weakness and the weakness has now turned into Asthma. It is more serious and the AD 109 Breathing tea will be stronger. These formulas are working on the five element theory. See Eight Pillars of Taoism. In the end each organ receives something for nourishment.

Posted by james at 2:30 PM

April 11, 2005

Can Dr. Chang's Forgotten Foods cure you?

Can Dr. Chang's Forgotten Foods cure you?

Yes... ....I mean no, not really... ... sorry I just can't say. I have been seeing people for 25 years and doing consultations in Herbology. I get the picture. Chinese herbal formulas can only help strengthen the body. What is a cure? I looked it up and did some research I found some great information.

The AMA has the legal rights to the words “cure”. Any Doctor with the AMA can cure. I am using as reference cancer which has become so big. Any one else using the word is in serious trouble. When the AMA comes after you for pretending “to have cured some one you can go to jail”. The other interesting thing is they have defined what it is the length of time a cure is: any one who has a treatment with their medicine for example: chemo, radiation or surgery, that is alive after 5 years regardless of quality of life is now considered cured. If you die on the next day you are still cured. This can make them look really good on paper.

Anyway, Taoism promotes the life within and is not one thing that we look into. It becomes more life style and attitude, a spiritual approach. In reality it is made up of eight branches. Check out Taoway on the site. There are many branches. Look into them and see if that sounds more like curing.

Posted by james at 7:50 AM